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Autumn in the Vars Mountains

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automne à la montagne Vars Alpes du Sud

It may not yet be snow season, so you won’t be hitting the slopes just yet… However, you can still soak up the gorgeous autumnal colours and sun in the mountains.

Vars has a lot to offer regardless of the season and weather conditions, and the half-term holidays are almost upon us.

Here, the days are cooler, but still just as long and beautiful. The light and ambiance make for a truly magical experience. What better season to enjoy a stroll, hike, or bike ride through the Southern Alps, to discover the ins and outs of the region?

L’Ours Blanc Chalet is a mere 40 minutes from the charming town of Barcelonette; worth checking out for its rich history that inspired the design of Mexican villas. Its cultural heritage is particularly well-preserved, and is sure to whisk you away to far-away lands. Heading in the opposite direction, Briançonou is just under an hour away, and hosts the majestic Vauban forts. This town is renowned for its history as a strategic point of defence, under King Louis XIV and for many years thereafter.

Whether you prefer to focus on sports, culture, or well-being, Vars and its 4 communes boast a wide selection of activities, and the Station’s staff and shops will be happy to help guide you to your next adventure. They strive to stay open during autumn, to offer Vars and its guests options outside of the winter sports season.

The Val d’Escreins valley is truly a sight to behold, and the scent of fresh mushrooms – known to thrive in the higher altitudes more so than in the plains – will surely help you work up an appetite.

Why not cross the border over into Italy to enjoy their markets, while the roads are still clear of snow? Enjoy this opportunity to discover the friendliness and authenticity of the Piedmont villages and landscapes.



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