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Vars Ski Station Opening Date

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We all know why you chose this location for your holidays. Your love of the bright white mountain tops, that cool winter sun, and your delight at the idea of clipping on your skis…

This year, that delight will be satisfied when the Station reopens

on Saturday 16 December!

Over 47 years, numerous generations of skiers have made the Vars Station one of the most desirable resorts in the Southern Alps. With its Mediterranean climate and altitudes ranging from 1650 to 2750 m, snow and sun unite to offer the very best for fans of skiing and other winter sports. The Station’s undeniable success stems greatly from its geographical and climatic characteristics, but that’s not all. It has kept up with the times by constantly modernising its equipment, and its teams continue to strive to take initiatives for improvement.

For the 2017/2018 ski season, the Station has a surprise for you. The Vars en Scène festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and this year it’s set to be an event you won’t want to miss. Numerous French artists have contributed over the past 10 years to make this event a true celebration shared between people from the region and holiday-makers.

This anniversary year will be no exception, as the Forêt Blanche Station invites you all to a free concert, where the band BB Brunes will be headlining. Adrien Gallo and his bandmates will also be celebrating their 10-year musical career. And what better way to kick off their French tour than by rocking out atop the mountains! What a memorable way to spend the evening before heading back out to the slopes.

The perfect excuse to take a trip to L’Ours Blanc Chalet before the Christmas holidays, and to be among the first to hit the slopes in our beautiful Southern Alps this winter.

The concert starts at 6:30 pm - But be sure to check out everything else on offer on the Vars website.
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